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Being quarantined has surely spurred many to do chores we all constantly delay, such as organizing wardrobes, sorting through old documents, tossing out possessions no longer needed or in use. If this still hasn’t taken place in your home, we’re confident given enough time, time spent at home will have such an effect.

During your eventual spring cleaning, you will come across scrap paper, defunct electric gadgets, organic waste, old clothes and textile, et cetera. Why not personally contribute to reducing pollution?

Do not simply toss such things into your garbage bin, make the best of the situation and try to be eco-friendly. Please contact recycling centers listed below to behave sustainably and conservationally and serve as an example to your community – especially children and the elderly.


  1. Paper:
    Tehnopapir +381 62 560 299
  2. Electronics:
  3. Organic waste:
  4. Clothes and textile:,
    H&M stores


For any additional questions you might have, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Written by Zeleni Sad