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This specific title has originally came from the name of the City of Novi Sad, which indicates that our “Sad” is green. Our motto essentially is to plant the knowledge and green thinking (raising environmental awareness).


Taking into account excessive exploitation of forests, both here and in other parts of the world, paper recycling is of the great importance for the conservation of the environment. In fact, it largerly enables waste sanitation and storage of the remaining forest covering, which represent our oxygen factory.


As the world is tehnologically improving on the daily basis, it inevitably accelerates modification effects on the electronic devices. Also, It should be taken into consideration the duration of functioning and their inability to repair, leading the mentioned devices to end in the landfills, polluting the environment.


The act of composting is an effective way to regulate organic waste. Later, this compost can be used as a fertilizer/natural fertilizer for the soil of the plants that are grown, contributing to the conservation of vegetation and the environment in general.


Textile recycling represent economicaly sustainable, innovative model of textile disposal waste, by producing textile products from eco-friendly and already recycled materials. By involving all local community actors, we can contribute to sustainable development and nature conservation.


Environmental advocacy, ecological education and the global environmental quality improvement.



Recycling is the process of changing wastefull materials into a new product, preventing the generation of waste from valuable materials, reducing the usage of new, raw materials and energy, but also reducing air pollution (primarily by burning waste) and water (by washing away pesticides and active substances with arable land). The same process also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, compared to creating plastics matters. It is a major component, if not THE leading component of the modern waste reduction process and the third component in the "Reduce, reuse, RECYCLE" waste hierarchy.

Materials that can be recycled: Glass, paper, plastic, textile, electronical and electrical devices.

Composting or other reuse of biodegradable waste - such as food or garden waste - is also a form of formerly mentioned procedure. In order to come full circle, some of the waste is necessary to collect, sort, transport and recycle it into new materials, suitable for further production.


Zeleni Sad - Ekološko udruženje

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