October 19, 2019 News No Comments

At the recently concluded 52nd International Fair “LORIST”, held at the Novi Sad Fair, around 500 exhibitors, both from the country and from abroad, found their place among the participants.

According to the organizers at this year’s show, apart from the host of Serbia and Hungary, who was presented as the official partner of the fair, there were exhibitors from 19 other countries: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Italy , Morocco, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Northern Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

During the fair, a very rich program was presented, and the visitors were presented with offers from the range of hunting, fishing, tourism, sports and ecology. At this prestigious international event our NGOalso had the opportunity to be among the participants and exhibitors for the first time.
Presenting our work so far, in the field of ecology and environmental protection, “Zeleni Sad” showed already well known Vertical Garden program at its stand, but also something completely new, such as the project ̶ Eco Talk, whose realization is expected in next month.
This time, the youngest visitors to the fair, for whom our association prepared a special entertainment program, were not denied. In addition to professional forums and educational workshops on the active waste management, the youngest were presented with Eco Coloring Books 1, 2 and 3, where children were able to embark on a creative adventure with our legendary heroes Emma and Boki.

Finally, it should be noted that this year’s “LORIST” for our association was very successful, contacts were made, cooperation was agreed for the next period, which actually gives all of us a strong wind in the back and an additional impetus for the events to reappear among the exhibitors of the fair. A special motive for us to work and prosper in our area is the fact that the fair recorded more than 35,000 visitors, or 15 percent more visitors than last year, which certainly shows some quality when it comes to fairs of this type.


Written by Zeleni Sad