This Law:
  • provide conditions for the sustainable management of forests and forest land, in a way that permanently maintains and improves their productive capacity, biodiversity, regeneration ability and vitality
  • enhances the potential of forests to mitigate climate change (eg more trees, less variation in temperature), as well as their economic, environmental and social function, without causing damage to surrounding ecosystems.
The following are prohibited in forests:
  1. devastation and deforestation
  2. clear logging not planned as a regular form of forest regeneration
  3. logging not in line with forest management plans
  4. felling trees of protected and strictly protected tree species
  5. bolding of trees
  6. grazing, cattle rustling as well as acorning in the forest
  7. collecting other forest products (mushrooms, fruits, herbs, snails and more);
  8. felling of seed stands and seed trees not provided for in forest management plans;
  9. use of stone, gravel, sand, humus, soil and peat, except for the construction of infrastructural facilities for forest management
  10. arbitrary seizure of forests, destruction or damage to forest plantations, markings and boundary marks, as well as the construction of facilities outside the function of forest management
  11. disposal of garbage and harmful and hazardous substances and waste, as well as forest pollution in any way