October 24, 2017 News No Comments

Project Eco coloring book II – biodiversity is for a second year in a row recognised and supported by the City management for enviromental protection. Unlike previous year, where the heroes of our recycled coloring book dealt with RECYCLING, in this edition Ema and Boki are exploring BIODIVERSITY, magical world of diversity of plants and animals. Eco coloring book is a unique educative depiction of plant and animal species and their prevalence adapted for preschool age. With this project more than 600 students will be covered, who will learn about plant and animal diversity and their protection, and of the enviroment.

Over 50 preschool children in the kindergarden “Meda” learned through playing, coloring and laughter where on planet Earth live certain plant and animal species, how can they preserve them, why it is important not to endanger the living world and to watch on biodiversity.


Written by Zeleni Sad